Dekcassette standard

Dekcassette standard

Dekcassette standard

DEKCASSETTE® STANDARD is a variation of the DEKMETAL DEKCASSETTE® product line, which will ensure an original functionalist design for your building façades.

As the only one in this particular group of products, it has visible fastening elements and a fixed joint width. The size of the cassettes themselves is, however, fully adjustable to specific requirements and wishes voiced by the architect or investor.

Composite length D400–6 000
Composite height V100–500 (800*)
Total length dD + 23
Total height vV + 23
Horizontal joint Sh27
Vertical joint Sv27
Sheet thickness0.75* / 1.00 / 1.20*
* Production of cassette height of 500-800 mm and implemented sheet thickness: 0.75 mm and 1.20 mm after consultation with the manufacturer.
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Technical design

Thanks to its visible fastening elements, a façade composed of the STANDARD cassettes has a simple, industrial appearance.

Easy dismantling

It is possible to dismantle the DEKCASSETTE® STANDARD cassettes locally, anywhere within the façade area.

Wide range of options

As all other products from the DEKCASSETTE® line, also our STANDARD cassettes can be delivered in many material and colour versions.


Catalogue of perforation
Declaration on the properties
Facade catalogue
Product data sheets DEKCASSETTE STANDARD
Product data sheets SUPPORTING GRID
Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008


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