Dekcassette LE

Dekcassette LE

Dekcassette LE

The DEKCASSETTE® LE façade cassette is a rectangular element with a predominant length dimension and the interlocking latch system. This cassette is fastened to the supporting grid with screws, by dragging its lower edge into the fixed lock plates, and by fastening in the upper edge. The fastening elements are themselves hidden.

Composite length Dd + Sv
Composite height V150–450
Total length d150–3 000
Total height vV + 55 + Sh
Horizontal joint Sh5–50
Vertical joint Sv5–50
Sheet thickness0.75* (per V < 250 mm)
* Implemented sheet thickness: 0.75 mm after consultation with the manufacturer.
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A popular choice

Until very recently, this has been one of the most popular visual elements for ventilated DEKMETAL façades.

The classical joint

An elegant design of clean, straight joints without visible anchoring elements.


Various colours, materials, and sizes of the cassettes, as well as of their joints, are available for all models of the DEKCASSETTE&reg; line.


Catalogue of perforation
Declaration on the properties
Facade catalogue
Product data sheets DEKCASSETTE LE
Product data sheets SUPPORTING GRID
Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008




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