Dekcassette special

Dekcassette special

Dekcassette special

The DEKCASSETTE® SPECIAL façade cassette is a square or rectangular bent element with an interlocking latch system, which is fastened to the supporting grid with the help of screws. The lower edge slides into the lock of another, already fastened cassette while the upper edge is screwed to the grid. The fastening bolts are hidden within the cassette lock, which contributes to a regular façade grid of elegant joints.

Composite length Dd + Sv
Composite height V150–500
Total length d150–1 950*
Total height vV + Sh + 22
Horizontal joint Sh10–30
Vertical joint Sv5–50
Sheet thickness1.00
* Production of cassette of lenght greater than 1 950 mm (max 3 000 mm) after consultation with the manufacturer.

Special bevelled edge for the horizontal joint

What the SPECIAL cassette shape adds to the façade is an unmistakably specific, unique appearance.


The entire DEKCASSETTE® product line, including SPECIAL cassettes, offers a wide range of material and colour combinations.


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Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008